Saturday, 1 June 2013

Occupy Movement

This was shared by the Facebook site of the Occupy Movement in Turkey, relating Istanbul.

[I] A protestor, Aylin (26, surname undisclosed) has been trampled to death by a police panzer.
[II] Police forces began spraying teargas with helicopters.
[III] Contact-lens wearing civilians blinded due to teargas.
[IV] Supporters of Beşiktaş FC captured an armoured police vehicle, pursuing police forces.
[V] Police forces are attacking the public, not to contain and control but to maim and mutilate; dislocated eyeballs and broken limbs are reported. Police forces are aiming at faces and genitals with their grenade launchers.
[VI] Taksim Hospital Emergency Services has been smoke-bombed.
[VII] Attorneys for the arrested demonstrators are arrested despite their official permits.
[VIII] Kadıköy, the main hub of Istanbul's Asian side, is becoming the convergence point for a public sit-in in support of Gezi Park occupation.
[IX] Arrested protestors are being subjected to police brutality under custody.
[X] Electricity blackout at Tünel district, towards the southern end of İstiklal Avenue, Taksim. Government's Crisis Command is considering across-the-board shutdown of online access.

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