Saturday, 1 June 2013

Resistance in Istanbul

This blog will present the latest news from Istanbul.

In may the prime minister has announced that the last park in the center of Istanbul, Gezi Parki, will be demolished and a shopping mall will be built in its place. Since tuesday people have been demonstrating in Taksim Square and the police has responded with violence several times. On May 31st in the mourning hours the police attacked again very violently spreading tear gas all over the camp of the protesters.

While people have been protesting peacefully all day, which has been proven by many pictures and videos, the police has employed extraordinary violence against the protesters, going as far as aiming tear gas bullets at people's heads.

So far many hundred people have been injured and seven people were killed. The hospitals are full of people and cannot treat any more people and because of that portable/mobile hospitals with the initiative of people have been established in the cross streets of Taksim.

As mentioned above, the aim of this blog is merely to translate the current news to English and inform the social media.

We will start with the actual state of affairs and update as often as we can. Below some photographs and links of actual videos.

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