Thursday, 6 June 2013

3 Year-Old Resister Walks Towards the Police with a Toy Bulldozer in His Hands

In this video a 3 year-old "resister" walks towards the police trucks with a toy bulldozer in his hands.

This is a witty allusion to an earlier incident in Beşiktaş where crowds attacked harshly by water-spraying police trucks (TOMA - Vehicle for co
ntrolling Mass movements), in turn to which a bulldozer from a nearby construction site was captured and driven towards police trucks in an act of peaceful defiance, the police retreating. Therefore the bulldozer came to be called "POMA" (Vehicle for controlling Police movements). Here's the link for this earlier incident:

In the video the mother of the 3 year-old boy, asks the police, "You won't spray on him, will you?" She seems like joking but she is scared actually.

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