Monday, 3 June 2013

A Note from Roger Waters

To all my friends in Turkey
I am with you! We are with you! You are so right to resist the forces of autocracy and repression. It doesn't matter who they are.
If I read the Internet right, in your case, you are resisting autocratic religious zealots. 
Turkey is your country and we support you and yearn for your freedom, but also, you and your struggle are so important to the rest of the world. 
Every time a man or woman or child takes to the streets, and stands up for human rights, for self determination, for democracy, for Mistress Liberty, the rest of the world is in debt.
We are not physically with you in the water cannon's fire, in the tear gas clouds, but we are with you in spirit. 
We applaud your stand for we know it is not easy.
Your great country stands at the gateway between east and west. Constantinople is legend in the history of civilization. Your resistance today may well be a turning point between all of us and a return to the dark ages. 
With love, and tears, and huge respect,
Roger Waters.

From Waters' official Facebook account.

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