Sunday, 2 June 2013

 Police and some man (said to be AKP partisans or civilian police) are on the same side against protesters with clubs.

 Eskişehir 01.06
 Eskişehir 01.06

 Eskişehir 01.06
 Taksim square; after the police retreated. 01.06
 Beşiktaş J.K. supporters showing the clothes of a policeman they ripped off from.
 Gun shot in the head earlier today!

 Beşiktaş-Akaretler with 15 minutes interval. 01.06
 A supposedly "Agent Orange" cartridge. The surface is scratched off.
 Protesters helping the nearby animals as they were also heavily effected by the gas.
 Police completely ignoring the 45 degrees angle rule by riot control.
 Bahçeşehir University in Beşiktaş gassed whilst the protesters were taking shelter inside.
 Expired gas capsules, collected after beeing shot. "Warning. Dangerous after expiring date"
 Ankara-Kızılay. a 1,4 G class explosive (1.4 Minor fire or protection hazard includes ammunition and most consumer fireworks) found
 Tear gas bullet stuck in a shop window

 "Taksim everywhere, ressistance everywhere"
 Protestants cleaning the Istiklal Street after the police have left
A moment captured from the other side of the city when police encountered the ship full of protesters with gas bombs
 Istanbul. Beşiktaş-Dolmabahçe
 Protesters captures some police shields earlier today
Inner street infirmaries

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