Monday, 3 June 2013

Ankara Chamber of Doctors Press Release 01.06.13

1st of June, Saturday Güvenpark and Kızılay Square Resistance Report

Ankara citizens, who are willing to support the Gezi Park protest against the shopping mall construction, have flooded to the Güven Park located in Kızılay Square since the early morning. Turkish Chamber of Doctors and Ankara Chamber of Doctors, together with the doctors and students from Ankara have started to join Kızılay Square at 15.30.

Thousands of Ankara citizens marched shouting and applauding “Government should resign”, “Tayyip should resign”, “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”, “Everywhere’s Taksim, everywhere’s resistance” from all the highways leading to Kızılay Square. 

Police used heavy amounts of teargas in order to suppress the protestors. Many protestors were reported injured due to the police attack some of which are in serious condition. 

The detailed report of the injuries caused by the disproportional violence of police conduct towards the protestors are listed below:

-          Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Hospital 12 injured
-          Numune Hospital 30 injured, one of which is serious head trauma(Ethem Sarısülük)
-          İbni Sina Hospital 25 injured two of which are cerebral hemorrhage and one subdural hematom, capsule shot in the head.
-          Ankara Hospital 7 injured
-          Hacettepe Hospital 25 injured one of which is broken multiple frontal bone and subdural hematom, one with broken upper jaw, one with the loss of an eye, and a light injury of a policeman due to the hit of a toma
-          Bayındır Kavaklıdere Hospital 2 injured one of which is head trauma
-          Bayındır Söğütözü Hospital broken pelvis due to capsule
-          Çağ Hospitali 70 injured burns on skin and tissue caused by capsule, 4 of which with broken bones, 4 broken skulls, one of which with multiple damages (Dilan Ece, Ankara Tıp student)
-          Medicana Hospitali 30 injured policeman, 1 injured protestant
-          Akay Hospital 105 injured
-          Medical centers formed in various democratic mass organisations and political parties have reported more than 100 injured. A soldier serving for the Presidency Legion has been transferred to GATA unconscious. 2 patients were reported to have broken bones.
-          Ankara Chamber of Doctors 7 injured, one of which is head trauma
Ankara report before night: At least 414 injured, 15 seriously injured in total.
All the injuries reported were caused by; direct trauma due to shot of gas capsules, capsule burns, TOMA hit, and while running away from gas exposure and the stones thrown by the police.

A peaceful, non-violent and a democratic protest that had taken place in Ankara today was subjected to a heavy and armed attack by the police. According to the witnesses, police used the gas capsules like ral bullets by targeting the people, heads and eyes particularly.

Ankara was totally terrorized by the police, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the government as of today. Aiming towards the heads of the people is a full attempt to murder. This is a crime. Who is the one commanding the police? Someone needs to take on this responsibility.

Hpuses and workplaces are full of gas in Kızılay and it is almost impossible to breathe there.  There are many people with asthmas and heart illnesses in these houses. Lives of thousands of people were threatened and put on in danger. It is a crime. Who is the one commanding the police? Someone needs to take on this responsisibility.

Ankara streets were terrorized by the police today. And someone needs to take the responsibility of terrorizing.

Amendment:  Ankara Chamber of Doctors shared the information: “Ankara Güven Hospital is trying to take the injured protestors into custody.” in its press release on 1st June, 2013. Ankara Güven Hospital sent a declaration to our office on 2nd June, 2013 claiming that there is no such application towards the protestors and every hospitalized patient is approached with careful attention without being subject to any discrimination.  

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