Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Big Capital Is Trying to Mitigate the Reactions

After a large group of people protested in front of the NTV (one of the biggest news channels) building, the CEO of the Doğuş Media Group (Doğuş is one of the largest capital groups in Turkey - also the owner of NTV), Cem Aydın has criticized their own news policy:
"I am well aware that the processes we are witnessing has bothered the majority of our media, as well as employees of NTV. The critiques have validity. I am saying this because my conscience forces me to do so. Our duty is to mirror what happens the way it happens. We have been looking for a balance in a framework of imbalances. Our followers feel betrayed. It is impossible not to accept this.
If people want to learn what is happening they have to listen to us. We see that otherwise there is an information pollution. NTV will continue to follow the international principles of news making and respect the emotions and thoughts of its followers. This is an opportunity for reestablishing a confiding and trustful relationship with our followers. As always, we will do our job in the best possible way."

Demonstrators are shouting: ''Resign Tayyip", "Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance", "Bought media".

The executive director of Garanti Bank which is also owned by the Doğuş Group has declared his full support for the demonstrators and added that he is a pillager, too (the prime minister Tayyip Erdogan had called the demonstrators 'pillagers').

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