Saturday, 22 June 2013

Custodies and Detentions

Up to now, most of the people that have been taken into custody have been released, i.e. the 4 people taken in custody in Adana several days ago. But today once again 6 socialists from various organisations have been taken into custody in Adana - so far only one of them has been released.

Out of the in total 69 people taken into custody from 18th April on, mainly from the socialist organisation ESP and the newspaper Atilim, so far 18 are detained, 17 are brought to court with the prosecutor opting for detention. Most others have been released.

In Ankara at least 16 people taken into custody with the allegiation of damaging public property have been released on grounds of lacking evidence.

Out of the 20 people taken into custody of the heroically fighting Besiktas supporters cArsi only 2 have been detained on grounds of illegal armament.


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