Sunday, 2 June 2013

Declaration From Istanbul Medical Chamber

The main objective of the Mayor and the Police Commissioner of Istanbul is to secure the public that are resisting against the destruction of the one and only green area on the district, rather than trying to protect the rights of the constructers willing to build a shopping mall on Taksim Square.

There is no justifiable reason to explain attacking the public resisting the destruction of Gezi Park and attacking the first aid tent of the Istanbul Chamber of Doctors with teargas and water cannons at 5.00 a.m. on 31th of May, 2013. If this is the so called “political attitude” of the government, there is nothing left to say except “god damn politics”.

The officials that are in serious misconduct of their duties that are commanding police to attack by using teargas and water cannons and caused “ a head trauma, a broken arm and a leg, more than hundred light injuries and poisoning due to the gas exposure” in order to demolish Gezi Park, remove all the trees there and to protect the constructors’ interests. We are expecting them to declare which political party they are serving for if they are willing to keep this violent behavior going.

Thousands of citizens of Istanbul, including dozens of doctors were staging a sit in against the commercial mentality to promote life in a healthy government, nature, sharing and cooperation in Gezi Park, willing that their voices be heard. It is a government that insists “we decided, we will destruct” although cases were not finalized and expert reports claiming urbanization of Gezi Park is improper were circulating; without discussing and speaking; only waiting to be obeyed, choosing attacking with teargas and water cannons as the only approach.

We are willing to warn this totalitarian government that is even unable to defend their own arguments against the “tear gas”, a chemical weapon that might lead to serious damage, even death, to the ones that have chronic illnesses. There is no difference in between firing real bullets people and shooting “tear gas bombs” directly targeting the people's heads, which is as lethal as real guns. We are seriously concerned about the news of deaths caused by these teargas bombs fired every single moment during police attacks. We would like the governors to stop this reckless and irresponsible conducts towards their own people as soon as possible.

We are calling everyone, especially all the doctors, to be a part of this campaign of nature, environment, humanity and existence; and to support and attend to the calls of professional associations, unions and the “Taksim Resistance” platform.



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