Tuesday, 4 June 2013

DISK Announces One Day Strike

The Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions of Turkey has announced that they will go on strike tomorrow. Here is the press statement:

"The DISK executive comittee had called for extraordinary meeting because of the transformation of the cumulative anger of the people to a resistence that has spread to the whole country; we have discussed the common decision of 'Cautionary Actions against the AKP Dictatorship' of the DISK executive committee and the Gezi Park Resistence.
DISK has solidarized itself with the protests from the very beginning and clarified its position against the plundering policies.
We have provided support within our framework of discipline without emphasizing our institutional identity.
At this juncture, the DISK executive committee has decided to put 'Resistence Conditions' into action and show our open support. 
As a first step, today a declaration implying the 'Resistence Conditions'  has been read in all working places where we are organized and in some cities where we marched to resistence places.
Our board of directors will follow the decision of the executive committee for spreading the resistance.
Members of DISK will lay down their tools tomorrow (Wednesday, 5th June) and meet at 13:00 o'clock in front of the DISK general office and march to Taksim.
By the same token, DISK members will take part in actions and activities in all other cities and deploy their power of production.
We call all our people to support our demonstration."

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