Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Erdogan and the Interest Lobby

PM Erdogan once again lashed out against what he dubbs "the interest lobby" and was now kind enough to specifiy a little further than before whom he has in mind. Namely those tho whom he "said one minute" - thereby he obviously refers to his appearance in Davos 2009 where he called for "one minute" to attack then Israeli President Shimon Peres. He also said that the interests of the interest lobby and the interests of shopkeepers and tradesmen do not match, playing the good old game of "good" versus "bad" capital. The honest hard working tradesmen against the greedy parasitic interest lobby. This is particularly interesting because the Turkish economy heavily relies on foreign capital in particular in so called hot money (money that is moved from one country to another in short intervalls for the purpose of profit from speculation) and the economic boom Erdogan always claims for himself would not have been possibly without that.

Erdogan also called for putting an end to the protest in the next 24 hours ("24 saat içinde bu iş bitecek" - "This work will be finished within 24 hours), ironically this is supposed to be done without hurting the young people at Gezi Park (as for the older people we don't know)

Mustafa Akyol writes about even more ridiculous theories by some close to the AKP, for example the daily newspaper Yeni Safak confused singled out a secret organization that turned out to be an app for iphones. Also George Soros, who is of course - if we are to believe Glenn Beck - orchestrating a cold coup d'etat against true Americans via the Obama administration.  Lunatics of the world unite!

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