Sunday, 2 June 2013

Controversial Speech from Erdogan: "You have to hang those who write these news..."

Here is a translation of Erdogan's speech and the link to the original speech:

"Ok, come on, I am here. But you have to see that these demonstrations are not candid. In the social media bogus claims, false news and slanders are so abundant... that you have to hang those who write these news on the trees at Gezi Park. We see that there are many presumptuous people who claim that people die, they are ran over by panzers and the like. And there are many fascists who support and spread such tweets. And the media... Certain parts of the media, especially the CHP media has been trying to provoke people and that lead to escalation in Taksim in a dangerous way."

Update(02.06 at 16:13): Prime Minister Erdogan is claiming live on air at Haberturk Tv right now that the accusations he would have called for a lynching of the protesters are false. What he rather meant, he contends, is that that's what the protesters are calling for that the government should be killed, and he also said something along the lines of "they are used to doing that" thereby insinuating that the protesters are in line with the traditions of coup d'états in Turkey (especially he is refering to Adnan Menderes). It should be noted, however, that it is possible to understand the sentence both ways, either as ascribing such practices to the protesters or as calling for that to happen to the protesters.

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