Sunday, 16 June 2013

Erdogan's Speech: Same Old, Same Old....

PM Erdogan gathered his followers today in a suburb of Istanbul - people were brought there with public uses. His speech was structured the same way than the last few. Some true things, but mostly out of context, some half-truths, some lies, some speculations and claims about how great his achievements are and how great a leader he would be. Here is a summary of the speech by pro AKP newspaper Todays Zaman:

- Governments before us were indebted to the IMF and we paid all of them.
- When we came to power, Turkey's debt to IMF was $23.5 billion. Last month, we cleared all our debt.
- Four international credit rating agencies upgraded Turkey's rating last month.
- We made $642 billion benefit in the past ten years.
- We had $23 billion foreign reserves when we came to power, now we have $135 billion foreign reserves.
- İstanbul Stock Exchange was 11,000 when we came to the power, now it is record 93,000 points.
- We laid the foundation of third bridge on the Bosporus Bridge last month. It will cost $2.5 billion.
- We took first steps to build nuclear plant in a $22 billion deal last month.
- We inked a $46 billion deal to build world's largest airport last month with 100 million passenger capacity.
- Protesters told me that they should have a right to hold assembly wherever they want. But we have rules here in this country.
- Erdoğan is now citing his government's achievements in police use of force, law enforcement, judiciary, freedom of speech, assembly.
- Ten years ago, police had a right to use unlimited force. We lifted that.
- Erdoğan is now belittling protesters, describe them violent, claims some of them are linked to terrorist organizations.
- Erdoğan to other countries: Advancing Turkey makes some jealous.
- European Parliament, int'l media would not see barbarism in Syria, massacres in Palestine, Gaza.
- Erdoğan to the international media: Be honest, be honest.
- Erdoğan to European Parliament: There have been many violence against protesters in France, Germany, Britain. What did you do?
- Police involved in violence against protesters in Greece and you awarded them with billions of euros.
- Erdoğan to the European Parliament: How dare can you adopt a decision about Turkey? Know your place.
- Turkish Spring was on Nov. 3, 2002 (when his party came to power).
- International media is shamelessly saying that there could be a Turkish Spring in Turkey.
- Turkey is not a country where international media can undertake operation on it.
- No one could imagine ten years ago that police would exercise that level of common sense.
- Opposition deputy comes out and says the issue is not about the park but bringing down the government.
- If you want to bring down the government, we have elections. If you can, let's face it there.
- You can't occupy Taksim's Gezi Park, it belongs to all İstanbul.
- Some are citing advanced democracies, telling us that occupying Taksim is freedom. Where is freedom in that?
- Erdoğan is now slamming protesters for destroying, looting businesses, cars, public buildings, bus stations.
- No one's trap, no one's ugly scenario can harm us.
- Turkey is a country of grandchildren of Ottomans who ruled in three continents.
- Turkey is not Taksim, it is not Kuğulu Park.
- I'm the nation's servant, not the master.
- People are evicted from Gezi Park. "Real environmentalists" are now cleaning Taksim, the park.
- Those who destroy and loot things, attack police, throw Molotov Cocktails are not here. They are not Turkey.
- Those who want to see what's going on in Turkey should look at Kazlıçeşme (the square where he is addressing to his supporters now)
- Erdoğan to international media: You reported lies about Turkey for days.
- This nation is not the one you are presenting to the world. This nation is not the one banging pots at nights.
- Hey BBC, CNN, Reuters, dare hide this too.
- Those who want to see a real Turkey photo despite international media, it is here (pointing to the crowd).
- No leader could gather that big crowd not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East.
- İstanbul means Middle East, North Africa, Balkans.
- Erdoğan is now greeting people by reciting almost all districts of İstanbul.

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