Sunday, 9 June 2013

Governor of Istanbul Apologizes

The Governor of Istanbul, Hüseyin Avni Mutlu apologized to citizens and protestors in Istanbul for the excessive use of force by the police.
Yesterday he tweeted consecutively:
"Regardless of understanding each other or not, we have to look into the eyes of one another humanely and justly. Each individual is worthy and special."
"I want to initiate a conversation with the young people from the Gezi Park who view themselves as free individuals and citizens. I am open to every criticism."
"Dear young people, I heard that it is a nice morning in Gezi Park with birds singing, bees and smell of linden trees. Is that right? I would like to be with you there."
"It is necessary that I apologize for individual mistakes and extremities that occurred from time to time. I apologize to each heart a thousand times. Yours sincerely."

The Taksim Platform still demands that Governor Mutlu resigns.

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