Thursday, 13 June 2013

Latest Developments: Referendum, EU Parliament Resolution, Possible Eviction

Leading officials Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, Muammer Güler and Tayyip Erdogan have again been sending mixed signs this morning. Mutlu claimed that Gezi Park would not be cleared today, Erdogan issued a last warning claiming that mothers and fathers should call their children home, otherwise they would get hurt. He also asked his "environmentalist brothers"  to leave Gezi Park and let the police deal with terrorist fringe groups. If we take into account that Erdogan stated that his tolerance would now be over and the police forces would advance more resolutely, then protesters could face brutal violence. Erdogan's great new idea, which he himself imposed without asking anyone, is to hold a referendum on Gezi Park.

In the meantime a top judge said that the referendum on Gezi Park cannot go against the decision of the courts - which issued a temporal stop to the construction projects.

The EU Parliament made a declaration on Turkey condemning the excessive use of violence and attacks on civil liberties and rights. PM Erdogan responded that he does not recognize this decision, because Turkey is not a member of the EU

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