Sunday, 16 June 2013

LATEST NEWS: Clashes in Ankara, Detentions in Istanbul

ANKARA: Police stopped the funeral march of Ethem Sarisülük, the young worker shot by the police.

Clashes have been reported from different parts of the city as well, apparently at least two people are severely injured because they got hit in the head and the chest respectively by tear gas cartridges.

ISTANBUL: In Istanbul there have been minor clashes so far. The people are collecting their force and marching towards Taksim, while the AKP tries to collect its people on the outskirts of Istanbul. Public buses have been used to transport AKP supporters to their gathering from all over Istanbul.

Meanwhile arrests and detention began. Two leading members of Besiktas supporters Carsi have allegedly been arrested, amongst them one of the founding members who has been arrested on the charge of provoking riots. There have also been reported detentions of doctors who treated injured in the hotels around Taksim. The governor of Istanbul Hüseyin Avni Mutlu has announced that 22 people have been detained in Istanbul today, doctors included:

Tendentially pro-AKP newspaper Zaman reports that 1000 riot policemen from the East, mostly Diyarbakir, have been brought to Istanbul this morning.

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