Monday, 3 June 2013

Mehmet Ayvalıtaş Died After Being Hit by a Car

 Twenty years old Mehmet Ayvalıtaş and 17 year-old high school student Seyit Kartal were hit by a civilian car, allegedly used by undercover police officers, in the neigborhood of 1 Mayıs in Istanbul's Ümraniye district. Reporting on the news, Zeynep Kuray wrote that Ayvalıtaş lost his life and Kartal was critically injured, currently being held in intensive care unit at Göztepe Hospital.
Mustafa Kartal, father of Seyit and uncle of Mehmet, said that the driver of the civilian car didn't stop but on the contrary continued driving fast towards two people, who were warning the driver to stop, and immediately escaped from the scene.
Mustafa Kartal said that his family joined the march local people in 1 Mayıs neighborhood staged in solidarity with Taksim resistance. Kartal told the followings about how the incident took place; "Thousands of people gathered at Deniz Gezmiş park and started to march to the highway. When we reached there, my son, my nephew (referring to Ayvalıtaş) and their friends made a sign to drivers on the highway to stop. All cars did so, except for one which swiftly hit my son and my nephew and imeediately escaped from the area. He drove so quickly that we couldn't even note the plate number. Everything happened in front of my eyes but I couldn't do anything".
Kartal told that his nephew died at the Memorial hospital in Ataşehir, in Ayvalıtaş, and that his son was having an internal bleeding with three broken ribs.
The father said the car deliberately hit his son and nephew, underlining that he will never end his protest against the unjust death of his son. About his nephew Mehmet, Kartal said that "He was a person of justice and struggle. This is why he was taking part in the march that day".
The funeral ceremony for Ayvalıtaş will reportedly be held at the djemevi in Ümraniye

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