Monday, 3 June 2013

More Photos

One of the many resistance Logos

tumblr Website.

Red Hot Chili Tayyip

Occupied Starbucks on Istiklal Street in Taksim.

"Why are you silent slime media?"
Barricades from Beşiktaş-Koyiçi.

Police apprehending a citizen in a classy way!
These people with official municipality vests are removing cobblestones in Ankara.

A vendor, selling flags and lemon.
NTV and Dogus Group employees want to join the protesters who are protesting their employers. Security is not letting them out of the building.

ODTU (Middle East Technical University) Students in Ankara.
Highways full of empty gas canisters and burning barricades

Another barricade

Hundreds of gas canisters

Right. "We are with you my Prime Minister"

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