Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Orchestration, Provocation, Division

This morning the police has taken up the struggle for Taksim again. They stormed Taksim square and started to remove signs, banners and flags from the Atatürk monument and from the Atatürk Cultural Center. Only a few people were resisting them, but they did so even with molotov cocktails. What became clear after the first confusion was, that this was a set up orchestrated by the police, possibly even by the government. When watching the live stream this morning at around 7 local time the police was seen gathering in Besiktas and Gümüssuyu, obviously in order to attack Taksim. Rumours quickly spread - but the media, state owned or completely servant to the state was there. It was so reluctant to report from the protests in the very beginning, but this time they were there. As a handful of people stood in front of the TOMAS, the water cannons, the TV stations showed these pictures, showed them throwing molotovs. These few people pretended to be members of the SDP, but the SDP issued a statement that they don't know these people. How strange is it to see 5 people stopping 3 water cannons and a few hundred policemen? Why was no gas used on those people, only water, which, as can be seen here, wasn't even shot at them directly? Why did these people look so strange in comparison to the protesters and even had some suspicious things on them or in their hands?

Anyway this incident was used by the police to attack in particular offices of the SDP and arrest people inside those buildings. In the course of the events this morning some people were injured, many taken into detention.

It became increasingly clear that all this was part of the government strategy to divide the people. Erdogan, Arinc, Mutlu - all of them have talked about how they would perfectly understand environmental protest and peaceful protest, but they also emphasized there would be "bad protesters" using the peaceful ones - it does not need a lot of thinking that these bad guys are the organized leftist, which is why they probably picked the SDP as their first target. Their aim is to split the people, to divide them into camps and thus being able to handle them easier. This is once again confirmed by the speech Erdogan gave today, in which he pointed towards the plot that was staged and those who use Gezi Park as a mask to hide behind. It is now more important than ever to counter the lies of the government and the media and to stand together against their divisive strategies.

UPDATE: Around 50 lawyers who wanted to defend those detained in the SDP building (around 70 people) have been detained as well. http://t24.com.tr/haber/caglayanda-avukatlara-polis-mudahalesi-2-gozalti/231747 and here in English now: http://en.firatajans.com/news/news/over-a-hundred-people-detained-in-istanbul-flash.htm

UPDATE II: There is some additional video footage as wel ass some pictures that are supposedly identifying the presumed SDP members as civil police. Here is a video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=534684706595165 Look at the walkie-talkie in his hand and how he waves to the police; also look how idiotic the other guy is waving the flag. And here is a picture that claims to identify two of the alleged protesters as civil police: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529635093766998&set=a.173549162708928.46144.173487779381733&type=1


  1. what are the suspicious things on them or in their hands? can you be more speficic

  2. walkie-talkies, probably handguns - it is difficult to see, but we have the links to the pictreus there. In the meantime there is also some video footage that points in the direction that there were at least some agent provocateurs involved


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