Saturday, 15 June 2013

Protest Continues!

Yesterday, after talks with PM Erdogan by the Taksim Platform, people formed groups in Gezi Park to discuss the further process. Today Taksim platform announced that the struggle will continue, because the issues at stake are bigger than Gezi Park and there have been many struggles against the rule of the AKP and PM Erdogan in many cities.

The full proclamation can be read here in English:

While Istanbul was relatively peaceful yesterday, clashes have continued with high intensity in Ankara. 28 people were detained.

Meanwhile DISK (Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey) has announced that it would take the streets this weekend to commemorate the workers strike from 1970 in the shipyards of Tuzla - and to continue their struggle against the authoritarian neoliberalism of the AKP today.

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