Sunday, 23 June 2013

Public Anger against the Police is Growing after recent Incidents

"Police! Sell bagels, live honourable" Yesterday evening on Istiklal.

Another video from yesterday. The police intervenes in a side street of Istiklal Avenue, where people are eating, and enjoying the evening. As the police arrives they are faced with heavy protest from the citizens and they retreat instantly.

Amnesty International has made another press release two days ago, regarding the police violence in Turkey:

The rumors state that, the pressure on police forces and the institutions in general have been growing. So far there are 6 policemen reported to have committed suicide because of  the high pressure and the harsh working conditions and many more are said to be suicidal "put a bullet in his own head"; 1.600 Police officers were designated from İstanbul recently.

Meanwhile, this Tweet came from Security-Union Istanbul. "The people, who give police forces, who work non-stop for 120 hours in a half sleepy half awake condition, the order to carry out all these attacks, are responsible for every disproportionate use of violence."

Update: Watching this video may help you gain more insight on the subject(!)

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