Sunday, 2 June 2013

Some Essential Moments from the Protests

 Protesters repairing the sidewalk damaged during the fights

Left. "We can't deal with you with sober heads" Right. Shoulder to shoulder against fascism.
(Regarding the latest alcohol bans. This picture has become even more popular after the latest announcements by the Prime Minister Erdogan a couple of hours ago, saying every person who drinks alcohol is an Alcoholic)

"Media w'sup?
Fire (Gas) like as if I don't even know

 Necessity Wall in Gezi Park Taksim

The so called "marginal protestants"

The Wolf (an extreme rightist sign), The Left Fist and The Peace Sign all together in one picture.

Fans of the 3 biggest sports clubs and rivals Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray in the same picture...

 A logo made by the fans in this respect.

 Two arch rivals of İzmir: Göztepe and Karşıyaka Fans are protesting together against the government.

 One of the now iconic photographs of resistanc. A Girl welcoming the water with open arms

Solidarity from Hollywood 

People offering help from their houses to those who are on the streets

 Dark side joins the resistance.

Istiklal Street.

Two resting protesters

 Okan Bayülgen, a turkish celebrity suggested writing the own blood type to the arms before going out into streets.
"Police shot a resistant with a bullet here."

The Chemistry 107 Proffesor of OTDÜ (Middle eastern Technical University) asking students the healing effects behind the chemical compuonds of florid antiacid; offering them an extra make up chance for the final exam once again.

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