Thursday, 6 June 2013

Statements from Erdogan, Gül and Gülen

Here are some of the recent statements of three of the most powerful men in Turkey:
PM Erdogan doesn't think any longer that all the gas was that good of an idea, yet he confirmed that there would be no wavering in carrying through the construction projects in Taksim and elsewhere. Also he suggested that the uprising was connected to the illegal DHKP-C (who will be pretty happy to hear that the have so many hundred thousand supporters). Erdogan is set to return to Turkey tonight, yet it is unclear if he will land in Istanbul or Ankara 

Update: apparently he will land in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, from which there is a live stream. He is celebrated by many of his supporters there:

Meanwhile President Gül urges the protesters to clear the streets.

The powerful imam Fethullah Gülen (the Gülen movement owns many many schools, TV stations and newspapers and is said to have a large number supporters in the Turkish police forces) of  has also commented on the events in Turkey from his Pennsylvanian exile. He said that the people have some legitimate demands, yet he referred to them as a "wrecked generation" that has to be rehabilitated and ameliorated by them:

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