Sunday, 2 June 2013

Statements Regarding The Casualties

The Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Güler has stated that there were 90 demonstrations in 48 cities today, in which 939 people were taken into custody. Some were let go after their statements were gathered.
Güler also stated that 26 security forces and 53 protesters were injured.

Another statement regarding casualties came later today from Ankara. According to the Fırat News Agency there are more than 380 injured people known to them only in Ankara. The list follows like this: (Hastane means Hospital)
* Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Hastanesi, 12 injured, 1 head trauma.
* Numune Hastanesi, 30 injured, Ethem Sarısülük severe head trauma.
* İbni Sina Hastanesi, 25 injured, 2 brain concussion, (one of them has bleeding between brain membranes, the other has a gas cartridge stuck in his head)
* Ankara Hastanesi, 7 injured.
* Hacettepe Hastanesi, 25 injured, 1 has frontal bone fracture, 1 bleeding between brain membranes, 1 broken maksilla, 1 has lost an eye.
* Bayındır Kavaklıdere Hastanesi. 2 injured, 1 head trauma.
* Bayındır Söğütözü Hastanesi, 1 injured broken pelvis because of cartridge hit..
* Çağ Hastanesi, 70 injured, burns and damaged tissues, 4 has broken bones, 4 broken skulls, one medical student named Dilan Ece has open fractures
* Medicana Hastanesi, 1 injured.
* Akay Hastanesi, 105 injured
*The infirmaries, which are established in headquarters of several NGOs and political parties has more than 100 injured people. One officer has closed consciousness and was forwarded to GATA. 2 people has broken limbs.
* Ankara Medical Chamber Crisis Table Infirmary has 7 injured, with one severe head trauma.

Here is an English language result on what happened in Ankara today:

It seems that contradictional declarations follow many others nowadays all over in Turkey.

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