Monday, 10 June 2013

Taksim Manifest of Nature Society: We won’t give our roots.

The world is not a beautiful place for you. Your aim is to reconstruct it.

We are the people of the nature. We love the world as it is.

You separated the science from conscience. The things that you want us to believe are all dead. What is right thing for us is the voice of our conscience and the nature itself, not the science which does not have a conscience.

You like to get a patent of a seed and sell it. We like to see it grow. You dream of a skyscraper and shopping malls. We dream of trees and the nature.

You think that the water flows in vain and you build dams on rivers. We think that the water is the energy of our lives.

Your life passes in the closed rooms in front of televisions. We like to meet on the streets, to dance, to hug each other.

You need to conquer, to win the wars, to make people kneel before you in order to be happy. Our house is the whole world. We are happy as long as the world keeps turning. All the colors of the nature are indispensable part of our nature. We come from the nature and we will turn back to nature.

Despite all these differences, you cannot detach yourself from us. The water cannon you use comes from the rivers which flows in vain according to you. The tear gas you use is made up of the peppers grown in the villages. If the parks, forests and the trees did not exist, you would not breath. Actually there is not a difference between you and us.

Taksim is not just Taksim anymore.

Taksim is the all Anatolia, Hasankeyf, Loç, Alakır, Sinop, Karadeniz, Burdur.

Taksim is the whole world, Amazon, Ganges, the Arctic and Africa.

And we… We are the world. We are here for you as much as for ourselves.

Your roots are our colors.

We won’t give our colors!

We won’t give our roots!


You can use this manifesto without permission.

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