Tuesday, 4 June 2013

BDP MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder press statement

BDP MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder, who has been one of the leading figures of the resistance in Gezi Park, has been meeting first with deputy prime minister Bülent Arınç, then president Abdullah Gül today. After the meetings Önder informed the press. He said:
"Both meetings are important. President Gül listened to me and took notes. In the meeting with Mr.Arınç I explained him what were their mistakes and emphasized especially the reckless, excessive state force. There is also information pollution. I want to summarize Mr.Arınç's views to you. 
At the beginning this demonstration was a democratic objection to the breach of law. People are not included in decision taking processes and this was the point of our appeal which resulted in the current situation. However, this is not the only problem. We see that there the toleration of democratic mechanisms is not well developed. This is about an ecological problem and a problem not only of the government, but of all people. Thus, you cannot disregard people and take decisions that are based on your narrow perspective. The state of affairs in the world requires this. You have to take people into account.

'Policemen See Us as Their Personal Enemies'

In a country where 70 per cent of the population is young the oppression of demonstrations through force leads to an increase in the number of rebels. I think that the police has to restructure itself in a fundamental way. Another serious problem is that the policemen in places see this as a personal issue and us as their personal enemies.
Until yesterday no democratic process was deployed to solve the problem. My impression from both meetings is that now democratic processes start to unfold. At this point we need collective thought. The only possibility to create this is to include people who have been a part of this process as respondent.
Mr.Arınç told me that they will start a process that will include the city as a part of the decision making mechanism and added that they already began to investigate the responsibles for the toxic, excessive force used by the police and they will do whatever is necessary.
The Taksim Platform will meet with Mr.Arınç tomorrow. They are the official respondents and will make a declaration after the meeting tomorrow. I have been a part of the process only as a member of Parliament from that part of the city and that is why I met Mr.Arınç and Mr.Gül today.
I greet each and every resistance fighter. The democratic awareness that they created is vital for this country. The media and many other institutions should draw lessons from this important process. I can make only suggestions for what will take place hereafter:
Democratic processes are now in the game. I say this as a person who did not compromise or retreat, but rather emphasised the decisions of the people during the process. From now on this should be transformed into a celebration because it will be a corner stone herafter. We have to proceed democratically and peacefully.

'We Will File Criminal Complaint about the Governor of Istanbul'

The police has yet to arrive at that point. Especially in Ankara the police has to withdraw from places in order to compensate what they have done until now. I hope this will happen. I congratulate the resistence fighters. I think such a process that will lead to important changes should not be shaded by violence. I hope people will celebrate this process on the coming weekend in all corners of the country.
I never call a demonstration to retreat. But I can make a suggestion: We have to manage this process in a democratic and peaceful way because it started so. Force and violence would shade the whole process. What provoked the masses was the excessive use of force by the police. Especially the governor of Istanbul should be investigated. I met him. Any officer would have behaved in a more responsible and cautious way. We will file criminal complaint about him. Also the demonstrators will make up their minds and make their own decisions.
This protest provided people with self-confidence. It has a message, namely that people shoud be included in decision making processes. A country is not a political party. People have seen that they can play a supervisory rule. There is no political organisation behind all this. And it will end without any political organisation. We can convince people that the necessary democratic awareness is now created. We can tell them that we will supervise the process. Now people are self-confident enough that one cannot make any top-down decisions anymore without regard of the people. Our mission is to insist on the process within a peaceful, civil, democratic framework.

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