Monday, 3 June 2013


The disrespectful, because they destroyed the state, the earth, the coasts, the parks, the labour and
the dignity of humans without regard and without any consideration of human rights.
The oppressors, because they unjustly imprisoned the people struggling for its rights, workers, students, teachers, journalists, poets, writers, lawyers, artists and oppressed minorities struggling for
democracy and derived them of their freedom of speech.
The murderers, because they revealed their true colors at Roboski and Reyhanli, because they
honored the generals and torturers of September 12th and denied the massacres of Dersim, Maras,
Sivas, Corum, Gazi and many more.
The audacious, because they called people struggling for democracy and their rights terrorists,
agent provocateurs, and extremists and repressed and broke the resistance of the people.
The attacks against the workers from Tekel, against the striking THY workers, against those celebrating May Day, against environmentalists protesting the construction of water power plants
and the destruction of rivers and the many students, journalists, lawyers, Mps, and intellectuals
in Turkish prisons are the best and most accessible proof for the corporate media playing three
monkeys and denying reality.
The marauders, because they exploit green areas and nature for their profits with urban renewal
projects, the construction of bridges, shopping malls and state housing projects.
The government tries to reduce the protests resulting from the accumulation of all these
incidents to the question of a few trees.
For 6 days the answer is given from street to street, from square to square!
We call everyone to resistance and internaional solidarity against the brutal repression of the
AKP, the puppet of Capital!
Long live International Solidarity!
Side by side against fascism!

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