Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wave of Repression Against the Revolutionary Left Continues (II)

Today (Wednesday, June 19th), early in the morning at around 5 am in the city of Adana in Southeastern Turkey, the offices of the Özgürlükcü Genclik Dernegi (ÖGD; Association of Free Youth) have been raided and laid to waste by the police; on top of that, 3 members of the Toplumsal Özgürlük Parti Girisimi (TÖPG; Social Freedom/Party Initiative) and 1 member of the Sosyalist Yeniden Kurulus Partisi (SYKP; Party for Socialist Reconstruction) have been detained by the police with the allegation of being members of a so-called "illegal" organisation named TKP/K. The houses of 2 other socialists have been raided by the police but no detentions have been made in their cases (so far).

Interestingly enough, this very allegation has been used against several socialist organisations in the last few years, entirely ignorant of the fact, that the organisation in question ceased to exist 20 years ago.

The TÖPG has published a press statement the the title "The Defeated Attack" in which they make clear, that these wrong allegations have been launched at themfor many years and that nobody will be tricked by these wrong allegiations. The TÖPG statement also makes clear, that the AKP now tries to take revenge on all left-socialist and democratic sections of the society for its defeat suffered in Gezi and Taksim, i.e. that the people demand their democratic rights without taking permission from the government in power if it is compliant with their particular will.

The statement ends with the declaration that no conspiracy or tricks will stop people from fighting for and gaining their rights.


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