Friday, 14 June 2013

While Pretending to be open for Talks Government Continously Reveals its True Face

While Erdogan and Mutlu perform one turn after the other and now turned to the strategy of talks and mediation, repression on the protests and their supporters is growing. RTÜK (Radio & Television High Commission) had already fined several broadcasting channels becasue their live pictures from Taksim and GEzi Park would do moral, physical and mental harm to the youth (the beating up or the drowning in tear gas of that very youth doesn't of course). Now they want to close down Hayat TV, one of the channels that was supportive of the protests from the very beginning under the pretext of license issues. See here the call from Hayat TV in several languages:

At the same time the Ministry of Health wants to start an investigation on all the doctors, nurses and medical students who offered there help to injured protesters. This is, obviously, an attack on the Hippocratic Oath.

See this summary from Firat News Agency (though they confuse Hayat with Ulusal in the first sentence):

In the meantime there was the second resistance friday (prayer), direnis cumasi as they call it, held in Gezi Park today -  so much for Erdogan's constant lies about how the protesters were against religious freedoms, beating women with headscarves and the like:

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