Thursday, 6 June 2013

Online Survey About the Protests: What Do Protesters Want?

At the very beginning, the protesters of the Gezi Park were less than a hundred, but now it is more than a thousand times of it! A recent quick survey research ran online by Sociology students of Istanbul Bilgi University showed that protesters define themselves as freedom supporters who are mad at Erdogan!

Survey says that protesters are %39.6 aged between 19-25; %24 between 26-30.
%75.8 were in the protests on the streets. %53.7 was never involved a street protest before.

%70 are not feeling belonged to any political party, %14.7 is hesitant about it, only %15.3 feels belonged. Clearly, as opposed to claims of Erdogan; no political party runs these protests. Social media showed us that protesters are from every parts of Turkey, from different groups of profession, has different visions about religion.
%81.2 call themselves a the supporters of freedom (liberal), %64.5 as secular.

And why are they protesting? What effected them to join the protests? Those are the percentages of people who absolutely agree what it is all about:
Authoritarian attitude of PM Erdogan %92.4
Excessive Police force against protesters %91.3
The invasion of democratic rights %91.1
Silence of Turkish media %84.2
Demolish of the trees %56.2
Involved because of the supported political party %7.7

What they want?
Stop police violence %96.7 
Respect the freedom %96.1 
Asking for a new political party %37.0 
Wants the military take the control %6.6
Military control? No, thanks! %79.5

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